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If you ever own a manual-winding watch and yet do not own a watch winder, you would not be able to apprciate Automatic watches or self winding timepiece as much as we do. More than just things of convenience, they are a real beauty, which is exemplified by the swiss-made watches.

Designed to never need a battery, due to its winding mechanism, which works because of the motion of the human wrist, the automatic watch is the perfect choice for those who wear theirs on a daily basis. However, if a self winding watch is not worn for a few days, it will wind down.

The Swiss have long been known to make incredibly good mechanical self winding watches. Breguet is a prominent Swiss watchmaker that offers such luxury watches. The watches made by Breguet carry a high price tag, as they are made with fine engine-turning on the dial, and they have blue steel hands with tips in the form of hollowed-out apples, known as 'Breguet hands'. This makes these watches very lucrative. automatic watches

How it works
An automatic watch is also known as a self winding watch or perpetual watch, because of the way it works. In order to understand the mechanisms of these watches, you have to look at how it works in conjunction with the human body.

The movement of the wrist causes the rotor, a metal weight attached to a winding mechanism, to pivot freely on its staff in the centre of the movement. Even the slightest action of the wrist will cause the rotor to rotate back and forth, in a circular motion. As the rotor moves, it winds the mainspring, which in turn powers the watch.

There are many companies who offer self winding watches at various prices, but if you are looking for a Swiss made one, then the Invicta is a good choice as it only costs around $250 for their Elite model, or $130 for their Ocean Ghost, both of which are of a good quality.

So who invented the self winding watch? Well, the modern rotor system was developed and patented by Rolex. It was then used in their Oyster line as the Oyster Perpetual in 1931. To date, Emile Borer, Rolex’s technical chief at the time, is credited with its invention. However, the rotor was first truly invented by Abraham-Louis Perrelet (1729-1826), one of Switzerland's greatest watchmakers. He is considered to be the father of the automatic watch.

If you are looking to buy an expensive self winding watch, then Rolex would undoubtedly be the best choice, as they have worked hard in this area for over seventy years, and their quality cannot be rivalled.

Self winding watches are very popular because many people appreciate the craft involved in making such a unique movement. The technology is also hundreds of years old, and this adds to its appeal.

Some automatic watches have a glass back so that you can actually see the movement. Many other people like automatic watches because the movement is assembled by hand, and because they run on clean, natural energy - wrist power. This means there are no polluting batteries to dispose of. If you are thinking of buying a automatic swiss watch, then the world is your oyster. There is a watch to suit any budget, and there is a style for any taste.

A normal, fully wound automatic movement will keep running for around thirty-six to forty-eight hours. However, Frederic Piguet, the Swiss movement manufacturer which specializes in complicated movements, makes an automatic movement which stores a hundred hours of power.

If you do choose to buy a automatic swiss watch, you should make sure to get it serviced every three to five years (annually if it is a water-resistant watch that is used heavily). The watch should be re-lubricated and the seals should be checked. All in all, automatic watches provides you with the convenience of not having to wind a watch, and the benefit of having a working piece of Swiss history on your wrist.

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