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In Europe, Chopard watches are known as the watchmaker to the stars. Indeed, each year at the fabulous Cannes Film Festival, Chopard provides the celebs in attendance with wonderful looking time pieces. (As an aside, demonstrating its capacity for design and creativity, Chopard is also the company that creates the Palme d'Or trophies given to the winners at Cannes each year.

Chopard opened its doors well over one hundred years ago, in 1860. Company founder Louis-Ulysse Chopard infused the company with a commitment to turning out masterpiece pocket watches and chronometers. This sense of vision and commitment to quality remains with Chopard watches and its finely crafted products up into the present day.

In a sense, Mr. Chopard was a visionary. He unified his jewelry company with his watch making enterprise to create a line of timepieces that truly are works of bejeweled art. Chopard watches are known not only for their reliability but for the fact that they are true pieces of elegant jewelry with variations suitable for any occasion.

The Range
Chopard remains on the cutting edge of watch and timepiece innovation. The company continues to broaden its product line to attract an every growing array of satisfied customers. For example, in 1999 -- just in time for the new millennium -- Chopard unveiled the L.U.C. Sport 2000 Collection. New timepiece lines continued to introduced by Chopard in 2000 and 2001.

Chopard is not afraid of taking risks in its creations, of moving itself onto the cutting edge. One of the most popular of the Chopard lines is “Happy Diamonds,” a heart shaped watch for women ensconced in a desirable display of truly top quality rocks.

There is also a truly altruistic side to Chopard watches as well. Chopard began manufacturing the Elton John watch line during the past decade. The proceeds from this line of timepieces goes to assist in funding the Elton John AIDS Foundation, a worldwide charity providing a wide range of assistance to people with HIV and AIDS.

Chopard watches come on a wide prince range, naturally depending on the type of timepiece that you select. There are some basic versions of Chopard which retail in the low $2,000.00 U.S.

And, there are lines of Chopard that cost upwards to $20,000 and beyond depending on the jewels and styling. No matter what Chopard watches product a person selects, he or she is guaranteed a fashionable timepiece that will be a source of pride for years to come.

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