How To Tell Fake Rolex Watch?

Do you know how to identify a fake Rolex. Inferior fakes, such as the ones with quartz movements, are very easily recognized, whereas good fakes can be very hard to spot.

The second hand has to sweep smoothly in order for the watch to be a real Rolex; if it doesn’t then you don’t have the real deal. In addition to this, the real Rolex has an almost inaudible, fast beat ticking noise.

The dials should bear (or not bear) certain inscriptions, be visibly legible, and very well coloured and finished. The hands should also match the case style, and the bezels have to match the case colour.

Rolex is one of the most, if not the most prestigious watch makers in the world. That combined with a high price tag, gave birth to a rather undesired industry. Rolex is the brand most subjected to falsifying. Detecting a fake Rolex can be a time consuming task, depending very much on the skill of the one that made the watch to begin with.

It is quite possible to build a fake Rolex which is undetectable, but that would have to be extremely costly and it is unlikely to happen.

The first thing you should watch for when buying a Rolex second hand is the price tag. If the watch costs around 300 dollars I can guarantee you that the watch you buy is a fake. As a matter of fact the cheapest Rolex comes at a price of around $3,000 dollars. Bargain do not exist in this field.

Ok now let’s say that you have a watch in your hand that someone tries to sell you as a Rolex. First take a look at the caseback. If it is a clear display and you can watch the inner workings of the piece than you have a fake Rolex in your hands. There are indeed two models of Rolex with a clear caseback, but they were built in 1930 for exhibition purposes and were never put in production.

If the counterfeiters were stupid enough to miss this (and they often are) you can give a very quick verdict. Also an authentic Rolex does not have engravings on the caseback… period.

Another quick way of detecting a fake Rolex is in the case when the watch is supposed to be waterproof. When unscrewed the authentic watches will reveal a rubber sealing. Most of the knock offs do not have these or at a closer look they will reveal to be nonfunctional.

Another way of detecting a fake Rolex is to obtain a picture of an authentic Rolex of the exact same model and look out for obvious differences. The hands are the ones which can most easily help you. Every Rolex model has its uniqueness, including the hands. This makes it extremely difficult to find the right hands for the counterfeit. They may be too small, or have the shape wrong. The tips especially should be carefully watched as thet are sometimes round and other times flat.

If you are still unsuccessful of detecting a fake Rolex it is time to pick up a magnifying lens. One with a capability of 10X should do the trick. Now look at the paint. All authentic Rolex watches have a smooth appearing, if you see bubbles than you have a fake in your hands. Also the engravings are very smooth and continuous. Watch closely and if you see that the engravings are irregular as if the engraver took more than one fluid move then again you have a knock off.

On more recent Rolex models a hologram is used. This is very difficult to obtain by counterfeiters. Simply shift the light and if the image on the hologram doesn’t change you have a fake Rolex.

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