Fortis Flieger Collection

The final watch that I would rate as one of the top timepieces from the Fortis watch catalogue is in the Flieger range. The Cockpit version of the Flieger watch is an attractive stainless steel watch that is durable but lightweight. Complete with an automatic movement, black dial with contrasting white numerals and markers, and prominent crown, this is a watch well worth looking at.

If you are looking for a more expensive looking watch, then the Squadrons, Art Editions, and Limited Editions collection are a good choice. Of these three ranges, my favourite is the Squadron series. This watch was developed in order to commemorate the international cooperation in the fight against worldwide terrorism. The dial of this limited edition watch displays the Operation Enduring Freedom’s logo. It is dedicated to the military personnel who, by taking part in dangerous missions, guarantee that freedom will last.

Whether you choose a watch that has gone into space or one that is capable of sinking to the bottom of the sea, you can be sure of a good quality buy. Fortis watches, while not the most lavish or expensive watches on the market, are middle of the road timepieces that are great for day-to-day usage.

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