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When it comes to innovative watch making, Franck Muller watches are at the head of the pack. Indeed, Franck Muller is one of the newest watch makers to enter the timepiece scene in recent years.

Franck Muller has been in operation for nearly two decades. The company’s founder, Franck Muller, was educated at the highly respected School of Horologists in Geneva, Switzerland. (Horologists is the study of watch making and craftsmanship.) He went on to work for some of the watch making masters in Europe following his course of formal education in the watch making craft.

During the 1970s, as cheap timepieces from Asian nations began to flood the market, Mr. Muller maintains a commitment to high quality timepieces in the finest Swiss tradition. Even as sales of high quality Swiss designed watches began to plummet throughout the 1970s, Mr. Muller was nonplussed. By 1992, due to his commitment to fine watch making and crafting, Mr. Muller had obtained four patents and been involved in 21 worldwide premiers of his outstanding work in watch design.

Ultimately, when the doors to Franck Muller Watches opened, Mr. Muller was world renowned for his ability to create highly stylized and sophisticated watches with top notch functionality. franck muller watches

He nearly magically combined style with the more reliable works in the industry. According to people in the know, Mr. Muller and Franck Muller watches view the creation of high quality time pieces to be a peculiar mix of art, science and history.

Different Models
Franck Muller draws extensive upon history, the latest advances in watch works technology and artistic design to create and craft the finest products imaginable. Even the most contemporary of designs in the Franck Muller collection are based upon styles that have been highly regarded and admired during the five hundred year history of the Swiss watch making industry. Franck Muller Watches draws upon the past to come up with the most cutting edge, attractive watch designs on the market in today’s world. Check out these Franck Muller mens watches.

Still a growing company and enterprise, Franck Muller is opening up additional markets each and every year. Many fine European jewelry stores carry Franck Muller Watches. In addition, in recent years -- through Franck Muller U.S.A. -- Franck Muller products are now available in the United States, Canada and Caribbean at the finest jewelers in business.

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