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eWatches carry the most number of models for Longines, featuring too the latest models as well. For specific pricing, you need to call them up as the featured retail price will most likely be higher than our other featured merchants like WatchZone and Ashford. For the specific Longines model you are looking for, please refer to the summary table below:

Longines Watches Sold At WatchZone eWatches
DolceVita 7 Models, from $601 76 Models
Evidenza - 81 Models
Flagship 1 Model, $552.50 34 Models
Heritage - 15 Models
Grand Classique 7 Models, from $487.50 3 Models
Presence 4 Models, from $406.25 35 Models
Lyre - 8 Models
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There are three main categories of Longines watches; Traditional Elegance, Contemporary Elegance, and Heritage Collection. Of these categories, there are many other different collections. Perhaps our favourite serie is the Traditional Elegance selection.

  • Longines Contemporary Elegance Collection
  • Longines Traditional Elegance Collection
  • Longines Heritage Collection
  • About Longines Watches
    It can truly be said that a Longines watch is a marker of sophistication and elegance. Those who buy a Longines watch are sure to get years worth of enjoyment out of it, and can be happy in the knowledge that their watch will look good for a long time to come. Longines was established in 1832 and has been making quality, elegant timepieces ever since.

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