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There are people who refuse to wear Louis Vuitton watches because they simply hate the idea of a small annoying metal object establishing absurd limits to their freedom. There are people who prefer to annoy others with the same question: what time is it?( I often tell those them: Buy a watch!!!).

Finally, there are people(especially women) who truly believe a watch cannot stand near a chic bracelet. For the last category we have a tip: you don’t have to choose(it’s a difficult choice indeed), you can have a 2in1 watch! You don’t get it do you? It’s very simple: buy a Louis Vuitton watch.

The fusion between art and watch making is a characteristic of all Swiss watches, at least those with a tradition. Louis Vuitton is a brand older than a 100 years, but strangely enough they have been in watch making for a much shorter period of time. Perhaps this is the reason for the ingenuity in their products.

Let’s take for example the energy source used in the Louis Vuitton watches. There are no batteries and there is no daily recharging, everything is done in an exceptional way through the energy supplied by the movement of the wrist.

When it comes to the technology involved the limits of the miniaturization achieved seem almost unbelievable. What is more unbelievable still is the fact that all major Swiss watches follow this standard. In some circles Louis Vuitton is seen as the outsider, but the quality of those watches cannot be ignored.

A trip down the history lane will show that this company initially started with the manufacture of suitcases and luggage. The continuous expansion finally brought the attention towards the highly exclusive watch makers club. The entry point in the business was in the year 2002.

The fact that the tradition is almost nonexistent for this brand in this field, forced the designers to achieve status through sheer quality alone. Needless to say, they have achieved this in a more than spectacular way.

What stands apart in the Louis Vuitton watches is the almost obsessive attention to quality. The tests involved prior to the release of a watch on the market seems worthy of a research institute belonging to ESA.

When it comes to features the designers may have gone a little bit too far. I know that this might sound out of place, but in my opinion a watch should be outstanding more through its minimal and classic design.

Just about any Louis Vuitton watch model offers a mechanical alarm, is waterproof up to a depth of 100 meters, includes the date and on some models they even light in the dark. Achieving distinction should be done by sheer quality alone and not by packing a lot of features. Some may disagree with me, but come on; end of life battery indicator? This is a little bit too much.

Altogether Louis Vuitton watches attempt to make their in the elite club of Swiss watch makers through quality and features. What I’m saying is that they should try more to work on their style. Nothing comes perfect from the first shot you know?

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