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If you are a classy elegance adept, even an exigent one and are trying to achieve a quality watch it is very possible that Maurice Lacroix watches offer will satisfy your rquirements. Since 1975 until today the Lacroix brand has been producing a timeless, elegant watch, combining Swiss tradition with the most modern production methods.

In few words, the history of Maurice Lacroix company begun its work in 1975 in Saignelegier ( Swiss) and half century later developed its business in more than 60 countries. This it’s not all: from 2000 to 2003 Maurice Lacroix opened an own training and information center. Today the brand is represented in 3700 shops from all around the world (Europe, Far East, Australia, United States).

Now, why are Lacroix watches so precious and appreciated round the globe? Why a Maurice Lacroix watch it’s a lifetime achievement? It is the elegant timeless design, the high quality materials, the ingenious mechanical movements. But the thing that made famous this brand are their passionate watchmakers.

Every Maurice Lacroix watch is produced in the old Swiss way, with dedication and expertise, with great respect for exactitude and for elegance as well. And you know what is more surprising? You may find yourself holding this little piece art in your hand and not knowing it is composed by 500 individual parts.

That is you can always compare a Maurice Lacroix watch with a valorous piece of art. It is quite amazing people buy expensive watches only for their exactitude, ignoring this other fact: every watch it’s a small jewel but a very smart one- you can consult them when you’re not sure of your existence in space and time. A watch synchronizes us with the rest of the people.

It’s a great philosophy under the glass of a watch. That is the real reason we have to choose only quality watches, to remain in time and space, to know which our coordinates are. That is why Maurice Lacroix watches are a perfect and lifetime achievement. You want to keep in touch with the one you love? Buy him a Maurice Lacroix Watch.

It is weird how Lacroix company innovate its technology keeping its adherence to tradition. Maurice Lacroix base his work on three main values:

  • authentic - describing a brand committed to the Swiss tradition but also an original one
  • contemporary - pointing the innovative way of design and the restless search for surprising elements the re-interpreting of the tradition in the own Lacroix way

  • passion for details - it takes a short look to understand the passion for every small details, such as the extraordinary elaborated and sophisticated dials, the finest decorations, the expensive and quality materials which made from Maurice Lacroix brand an unique one.

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