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Another stunning watch sold by Omega is the ever popular Seamaster. Because Omega has been at the forefront of divers' watch developments for nearly seventy years, they have managed to channel a generation’s worth of expertise and quality craftsmanship into their Seamaster model.

This model grew from the original “Marine” watch, which American explorer Charles William Beebe took to a depth of 14 metres as early as 1936. The Seamaster actually came into being in 1948, and nowadays continues to be a strong contender in the diving watch market.

This hardwearing, impermeable watch is guaranteed to be water resistant up to 1000 feet, depending on the particular model. It is also known for its highly contrasting hands and hour markers for easy legibility, and its exclusive wave decor in the centre.

The linked bracelet has been designed with safety and durability in mind, and is available in resistant materials such as titanium and rubber, in addition to the classic appeal of steel and gold.

There are a huge variety of Omega watches available in this range, including chronographs, regatta timers, GMT chronometers, and watches with the Co-Axial Chronometer movement.

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