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Oris watches have been around since 1904, and have steadily built up a reputation for producing quality chronograph watches and crown watches (a crown is also known as a bezel). For the avid watch collector, an Oris is not only well made but they are well priced.

There are many reasons why people choose to buy Oris timepiece. The main one is because of the mechanical expertise brought to each timepiece in their collection. Oris is the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanical watches, and, in fact, this is the only type of watch that the company produces, marking them as a true specialist in the market. Oris watches are also very distinct in its appearance. Each watch has its own particular design and function, crafted to suit almost every need that a watch collector could have.

In addition to this, Oris watches excels in terms of standards, and each timepiece meets the strict Swiss watch making regulations. The Sports collection is a strong component in the Oris catalogue, and is ideal for those looking for a hardwearing timepiece. The range is championed by famous sport’s personalities such as F1 team Ralf Schumacher and Williams.

Oris watches have been a strong contender in the Swiss watch making industry for over a hundred years, and with the way they continue to produce new and original timepieces, they look set to be so for another hundred years. So if you want a watch that is of long-lasting quality, then an Oris modern classic watch is the one for you.

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