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The Patek Philippe Classic is the perfect choice for those who like traditional timepieces. There are three main subcategories in the Classic series: the Calatrava, the Gondolo, and the Golden Ellipse.

The Calatrava collection is named after the ornate cross that is the company's symbol. The first Calatrava gentleman's wristwatch was produced in 1932, and the design continues to win the appreciation of succeeding generations. Seen by many as Patek Philippe's signature model, the elegance captured in its round dial finds expression through subtle variations across the range, of which there are over thirty models.

The Gondolo range is inspired by the art deco era, and this is reflected in its bold and innovative designs. The range was introduced 1993, focusing on the specialized craftsmanship required of the rectangular cases specified in the design.

The Golden Ellipse collection is a world classic that marries modern techniques with ancient principles. The design of this range is drawn from a two thousand-year-old mathematical principle: the Golden Section.

The Golden Section exists when a rectangle is divided into two unequal parts and where the size ratio of the small section to the large section equals that of the large section to the whole. There are dozens of models in this collection, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a Patek Philippe Classic watch that suits your tastes.

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