Patek Philippe Jeweled Collection

Look not further than the Patek Philippe jeweled watches for a particularly fancy watch, they are ideal. The jewels used are mined from the deepest recesses of the earth, where eons of extreme pressure have ensured flawless perfection.

The best model in this range – in my opinion – is the simple but elegant 4872 G. This round dialed watch has an ultra thin quartz movement and has a case set with sixty diamonds. The watch is water resistant to 25 meters, and is available in both yellow and white gold.

Patek Philippe's Twenty~4 is another good option. This modern interpretation of the Gondolo timepiece was created with the refined, active woman of today in mind. The gold collection includes precious small-size models and breathtaking pieces of high jewelry.

To my mind, one of the most eye-catching Patek Phillipe watches in this collection is the 4910. This model has an ultra thin quartz movement, has a satin brown strap, is set with numerous diamonds, and is available in white or rose gold. In addition to this, it is impermeable up to 25 meters.

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