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There are many Patek Phillipe complicated watches on offer for the avid collector to choose from. The Grand Complications is perhaps the most elaborate subcategory here, and is a testament to the designer's expertise and watchmakers' skill. At Patek Philippe, the watch makers master all horological complications and have twice this century built the world's most complicated Patek Phillipe watches.

There are dozens of Patek Phillipe watches in this range, but I would suggest taking a look at model 5059. This timepiece has a self-winding perpetual calendar movement with moon phases. It is available in various types of gold, including yellow, white, and rose.

For those looking for something extra special, then there is also the option of platinum. The watch is water resistant up to 25 meters, and has day, date, month and leap year apertures. In addition to this, it has a fly-back retrograde date hand and sweep second hand.

The Men’s Complicated collection is also worth a look, as there are many Patek Phillipe watches here that are perfect to give as gifts for birthdays or anniversaries. Computer design and analysis helped to convert many ideas into reality when this series was designed.

But it is the painstaking accuracy in the manufacturing process and the exquisite sensitivities of eye and hand coordination by the watchmakers that makes these Patek Phillipe watches really special.

Again, there are literally dozens of models to choose from, but my favorite in this collection is the 5035 model. This watch features Patek Philippe's unique patented horological innovation, the self-winding (also called perpetual or automatic) annual calendar mechanism. It also has a sweep second hand, is available in white gold and platinum, and has a silvery grey dial.

The Ladies Complicated range is obviously ideal for those collectors who have a more feminine taste. These intricate watches, from the repeaters of the last century to the time zone and moon phase wristwatches of today, are among the most distinctive and valuable timepieces a woman can own.

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