Our Recommended Merchants To Buy Patek Phillipe Watches

Patek Phillipe watches are definitely well worth a look if you are looking watches that are little "different" from the more well known, popular brands such as Rolex, Omega and Tag Heuer etc. In fact they are of a different class altogether.

If you have seen any Patek advertisements lately, it's no hype when it says you never really own a Patek watch, you are merely taking care of it for the generations to come.

Patek Philippe is a master watchmaker that has been around since 1839. The company is not only a Swiss based watch maker – denoting its quality craftsmanship and innovative design – but it is actually a Geneva oriented business, making it among the elite of watch making world wide.

The company owns the Patek Philippe Museum, which house over four hundred years of watch making. The main collections are the antique watches and the Patek Philippe collection. The company is renowned for their maxim ‘Bienfacture’, which is a French term with Latin roots meaning "to do well". The term aptly reflects Patek Philippe's ongoing commitment to workmanship.

In fact, the watch makers’ quality standards are so high that they exceed the requirements stipulated by the Geneva Seal, which is the most prestigious official hallmark awarded to mechanical timepieces anywhere in the world.

As with any watches, your Patek should be serviced regularly and you should try to use a Philippe Patek certified service centre whenever possible.

  • Patek Phillipe Complicated Collection
  • Patek Philippe Classic Collection
  • Patek Philippe Casual Collection
  • Patek Philippe Jeweled Collection
  • Whichever watch you choose, you can be sure that Patek Phillipe watches will add a dash of cash, class and elegance to your collection, as long as you look after it well and maintain it properly.

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