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The Rado Carpe Diem (which is Latin for “seize the day”), Ceramica, Cerix, Coupole, and DiaMaster. Each of these collections is special in its own way, and the timepieces offered in these ranges have a mixture of uses – everything from chronograph watches to fashion timepieces.

Rado Sold At Bacario WatchZone
Ceramica 4 Models, from $940 2 Models, from $1,163.50
Cerix 3 Models, $1,385 -
Coupole 2 Models, from $1,065 1 Mode, $1,098.50
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  • Rado Original Collection
  • Rado Crysma Collection
  • Rado Ovation Collection
  • Rado Blue Fascination Collection
  • Rado Royal Dream Collection
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