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Rado manufacture a variety of timepieces, each with its own specific design and function. Perhaps the most striking in the collection is The Rado Original. This range is responsible for the original scratchproof timepiece, first designed in 1962. Available in yellow-plated stainless steel, grey stainless steel, or two-tone, this watch displays a classic design.

The models in this Rado watches collection range from $445 to $750, depending on the materials you choose and where you buy it from. In addition to its stylish appearance, this watch is available with a Swiss chronograph movement, automatic movement, or autoquartz movement.

  • Rado Carpe Diem Collection
  • Rado Crysma Collection
  • Rado Ovation Collection
  • Rado Blue Fascination Collection
  • Rado Royal Dream Collection
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