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The Rolex Day Date, whose original name is the "Day Date", is the forerunner of the high quality Rolex wristwatches. It was launched at the Basel Fair back in 1956 and has been preferred by many U.S. Presidents. It got its signature name "President" when then President Dwight D. Eisenhower was given one as a compliment to his re-election. At present you may hear that the Rolex Day Date is called the "President" or "Presidential." With this image Rolex maintained an image with a slogan which says, "Men who guide the destinies of the world wear Rolex Watches."

Either in solid gold or platinum, one feature about the Rolex President is its ability to show the date and day on the dial and are available in 26 various languages. It also has a characteristic thick bracelet that has a concealed clasp.

If you are looking for something extra special then you might want to consider Melrose Jewelers. Complete with diamonds bezel and black diamond dial, this watch is a stunning addition to any Rolex collection. MelroseJewelers.com takes great pride in offering our customers this magnificent timepiece in a variety of styles to suit every man's taste.

Men's Champagne Dial Channel Set Bezel Rolex Day Date President (103)

Men's Champagne Dial Channel Set Bezel Rolex Day Date President (103)

One of the most famed and top of the line wristwatches to date is the Men's Rolex Day Date President. Its bezel is encrusted with 55 round cut Chanel Set Diamonds, along with the customized champagne diamond dial consisting of eight round and 2 baguette cut diamonds that are delicately placed in 18K Yellow Gold. Other classic and elegant colours available for its dials are: mother of pearl, silver and black. It has an18K Italian-made yellow gold bracelet and a sapphire crystal that is scratch resistant. This is the watch that is often sought after by big bosses, the affluent and Hollywood stars. Aside from being a high-end timepiece it speaks of a person's achievement and status in life.

Men's Two Tone Rolex Datejusts

Men's Two Tone Champagne Roman Dial Smooth Bezel Rolex Datejust (188)

With a strip of 18 carat yellow gold links running along the middle of its band, the Two-Tone Rolex Datejust is a fancier version of its stainless steel counterpart. The design exudes a stylish and classy feel - a timeless piece of art. It comes in various pieces depending on the design of its bezel that would suit any gentleman's taste. It can range from fluted, smooth, beadset diamonds, Chanel set diamonds or in string diamond dial. At Melrose Jewelers we can provide you with ample choices among these stunning and elegant timepieces.

Ladies' Rolex Presidents

Ladies Mother of Pearl Dial Rolex Super President (413

This classic and timeless wristwatch marks a person's status and achievements in life. It is different from the traditional Ladies' Presidents because this watch is embellished with a number of clear cut and sparkling diamonds. It makes a perfect fashion statement which speaks of a woman's sophistication and class. We are proud to offer our collection of Ladies' President to all you ladies who have exquisite taste.

Where to Buy Rolex President?

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