Our Recommended Merchants To Buy Swiss Army Watches

Swiss Army Watches Sold At WatchZone eWatches PrincetonWatches
Diamonds Collection 5 Models, from $695 7 Models, from $495 8 Models, from $495
Chronographs 9 Models, from $395 73 Models 15 Models
Active Collections Yes Yes Yes
Classic Collections Yes Yes Yes
Professional Collections Yes Yes Yes
Pocket Watches 3 Models, from $100 - 8 Models, from $75
Clocks 3 Models, from $70 - 4 Models, from $70
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With the exception of Ashford, almost all the other merchants are pretty well stocked with Swiss Army watches of many kinds and functions. There are just so many models available for Swiss Army watches, you will be spoilt for choice.

Where to Begin?
To buy your desired Swiss Army watch, start from Princeton Watches. It has the most number of Swiss Army watches on sale, once you have located your desired model, compare the price against the rest. Ashford has the most limited range, but it doese offered the most discount for the watches they display. Every purchase of a Swiss Army watch with PrincetonWatches will entitle you to a free gift. To summarize as much as we can in the table above, we will be doing a price comparison and short explaination in the following:

Diamond Collection Price Comparison
Swiss Army - 24776
As the name implies, the Diamond Collections refer to watches with diamond. It's meant for ladies who are looking for a dress watch.

We try to locate a specific model which is selling at all 4 merchants for a fair comparison and we found the Swiss Army Ladies Diamond Alliance Watch - Mother of Pearl Dial - Rectangular, 24776 selling for $795 at all merchants except for Ashford.

Without any exception, all 3 merchants require you to call them up to place an order as they are not allowed to receive online orders as stipulated in their dealer's agreement with Swiss Army. Both WatchZone and eWatches are offering free gift when you purchase through them.

Chronographs Collection Price Comparison
The chronograph watches found in Swiss Army brand includes the Alliance, Star Tech, Sport Tech, Officer and Maverick series etc. Ashford which does display the discounted price on its site is selling the Swiss Army Men's Star Tech Chrono Watch for $239.

Active Collection Price Comparison
Swiss Army - 24070
The Active collection is made up of the Recon & Renegade, Base Camp, ST, Startech, Original & SAI, Night Vision and Excursion. The Night Vision 24070 is selling for $295 at all 3 merchants less Ashford which carry the least number of brands. For the actual discounted price, you need to call them up directly.

Classic Collection Price Comparison
Swiss Army - 24151
The Swiss Army Classic series is made up of the Officer 1884, Alliance, Maverick II, Infantry, Cavalry, Cavalier, Summit XLT and Ambassador mechanical watch. These watches are designed not jsut for those in military but those who are looking for watches that look rugged and yet is mixed with a some level of class. The Ambassador XL Mechanical Watch is a fine example, retailing for just $550 at all the merchants except Ashford.

Professional Collection Price Comparison
Swiss Army - 24039
The Professional series has got to be the most impressive of the lot, i.e. most expensive as well. These are made up of pilot watches, diver watches or just watches just to impress. The Swiss Army models are AirBoss, Chronopro, Divemaster and Seaplace. We particularly like the Seaplace and AirBoss series. The image you see on the left is the Swiss Army Air Boss Mach I 24039 retailing at $550.

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