Our Recommended Swiss Gold Watches

Swiss gold watches have long been a favourite of watch collectors and enthusiasts, due to their vibrant designs and quality manufacture. For those collectors looking to buy a good quality gold watch, they would be best served by buying a gold Swiss watch. As always, Swiss made watches are unparalleled in craftsmanship and innovative design, and make a beautiful addition to any collection.

When buying a Swiss gold watch, you should first check that you are buying real gold. There are many fake gold watches on the market, and many fake brands, and the unwitting buyer could be stung for a lot of money and be left with nothing more than a worthless trinket. To that end, it is important that you only buy a Swiss gold watch from a known and reputable manufacturer or dealer. If in doubt of a seller’s honesty, check with someone you trust.

There are many styles of Swiss gold watch to choose from. You can choose from thick, chunky designs that shout out loud that it is a gold timepiece, or you can go for something understated and elegant, such as a delicate linked gold watch, that speaks of class and sophistication.

Qw would personally recommend the Swiss-made 18K Gold Ladies' Geneve watch, which is an automatic timepiece full of character and style. This 18 carat gold watch has a self-winding jewel automatic movement, comes with optional diamond markers, and diamond bezel. You can expect to pay around $3,300 for this watch, and it is certainly worth every cent.

Another great watch is the Swiss-made 18K Gold Men's Geneve Swiss Watch with Blue Dial. It has a motion activated, self-winding jewel automatic Swiss movement, a date dial with quickset feature, and sweeping second and minute hands. You can purchase this watch for around $6,000.

However, if you are looking for something extra special, then you would be wise to consider the range of gold watches sold by Veni Vidi Vici, a Swiss watch-making company based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Cut from an 18-carat yellow and grey gold nugget, each Veni Vidi Vici watch is made for action. Their most striking watch has a fish scale design for the strap, and is made to reflect light, making the scales look like they are in continual motion. A mother of pearl face and a crown of diamonds make the Veni Vidi Vici evening watch a sophisticated and stylish timepiece.

As always, top Swiss brands such as Rolex hold a certain dominance over the gold watch market. The 18Ct Gold Rolex with Diamond dial and diamond bezel is always a fine choice, but you can expect a hefty price tag – around $7,400 for a second hand version. However, it is in a league of it’s own in terms of traditional class and standing.

If you are looking for a cheaper Swiss-made watch, then the Croton's swiss gold watches 14 Carat Gold watch might be worth a look. Complete with a fine quartz movement, second hand, calendars, and scratch resistant sapphire crystal, it offers a lot to it’s buyer, for not too much outlay. Prices can vary, depending on whether you buy the ladies or gents version, but you can expect to pay anything between $200 and $500 for one of these timepieces.

However, our absolute favourite gold watch has to be the Tag Heuer 6000 Automatic Chronometer. This yellow gold watch with white dial is classy and elegant, and comes complete with a variety of functions, including a date indicator, unidirectional rotating bezel, and 42 hours power reserve. It is also water resistant up to 200m.

Swiss gold watches are ideal for those enthusiasts who are looking to have some traditional timepieces in their collection. The sturdy and durable nature of gold, the elegant and stylish appearance, and the sophistication of Swiss gold watches make it a reliable timepiece worthy of investment especially when gold is at its all time high.

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