Our Recommended Swiss Military Watches

Swiss military watches are built with durability, precision, effectiveness, and sturdyness in mind. A military watch is a timepiece used traditionally by the army, air force, and naval forces of various countries. Of all military watches available, the swiss made watch is one of the better choices.

Different Era
There are many types of military watches you can buy. You can purchase military watches from various different eras, including Pre World War I, World War II, Vietnam, Korea, or Post Vietnam. In addition to this, there are also watches available in connection with different branches of the military service, including the navy, the air force, the army, the marines, the special services, and the foreign service.

When looking for Swiss military watches, there are a few things to consider. A popular feature is a watch that has 3 symbols on the 24 hour dial. These represent the strength of the military over sea, land, and air, and make the watch highly desirable. These sort of timepieces are quality watches whose hands go around the dial only once a day.

You should also look for a watch that has a durable design, as military watches are made to be worn. Chronograph functions are always useful, as are built in timers, in addition to a watch with a long lasting backlight.

If we were to recommend a Swiss military watch, then by far my vote would go to the Swiss Watch Company, who design a great range of these timepieces. One of their premier watches, the US MARINES SE GOLD, comes complete with a bidirectional bezel, a Swiss made 5 jewel movement, and an accuracy of +/- 3 seconds per annum. And all this for a mere $250!

Another model that comes highly recommended in the Swiss Watch Company range is the US MARINES SEDC BLACK, which is one of their flagship watches. This watch has an hour, minute, and second hand, each with super luminova. It also combines the best of traditional chronograph features with modern digital displays. In addition to this, it has an ETA Swiss movement, an alarm function, and an end of life indicator. This model can be purchased for around $450.

You can buy both chronograph and analogue quartz Swiss military watches, and the models available are quite diverse. One of our favourite military watches is made by the Swiss company Wenger, which is famed for it’s sporty but handsome designs. The watch we like is part of the Air Force range, and is known as watch 70795. It costs around $300 and comes complete with a quartz chronograph function, Arabic figures, and six hands – hour / minute / small second/ chronofunctions.

Yet another solid choice (and cheaper option) from Wenger is in the Field Military range, and is called the Field Military Camouflage watch. This is not a flashy watch, but a more realistic and usable timepiece. It has a quartz movement, gunmetal PVD coating, and an army pattern dial. You can buy this watch for around $125, making it ideal for the collector or watch enthusiast who is working on a budget.

There are many companies specialising in military watches, but you need to be selective when choosing a Swiss military watch. A good watch will hold its value fairly well such as the Panerai watches, whereas a poorer quality one could depreciate in value rapidly.

Whichever model of swiss military watches you decide to buy, you should take the time to speak to an experienced collector. Get advice on who the best dealers are to speak to and whether it would be worth your while buying your timepiece privately. As always, seek a second opinion before you decide on purchasing the timepiece of your choice.

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