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Tag Heuer watches come in a variety of styles and can vary in price, depending on the style and age of the watch. For example, the Tag Heuer 2000 watches can cost around $500, whereas the limited edition Autavia can come in around $4,000. The Formula One series provide the latest “must buy” watches for the budding Formula One enthusiast. Perhaps the most striking watch in this range is the New TAG Heuer Formula 1 quartz movement, chronograph watch, which has a prominent red face and scratch-resistant surface.

It's available at all the above mentioned merchants but in terms of best pricing, we decided to use Tag Heuer Formula 1 WAC1112.BA0850 Mens Watch which is sold by all of them for comparison,

Tag Heuer Alter Ego Collection

Tag Heuer Alter Ego-WAA1413.BA0761 Ladies - Mini Watch

The Alter Ego series (sapphire crystal, quartz movements is more suitable for those with feminine tastes. In particular, the steel bracelets, pastel-coloured faces, and off-centre crown make the watches of this series highly desirable.

  • Tag Heuer 2000 & Link Collection
  • Tag Heuer Kirium Collection
  • Tag Heuer Carrera Collection
  • Tag Heuer Vintage Collection
  • But whichever watch you choose from the Tag Heuer watches collection, you can be assured of excellent precision and high quality design. Contrary to popular belief, Tag Heuer watches are not considerably cheaper than the Rolex watches.

    Rolex is not thought of as the best watch among the true high end watch lovers. While it is the most recognized brand to the majority of the public and most think it is the most expensive watch, this is not true – in fact, many Tag Heuer watches rival the Rolex in price.

    However, people are quite correct to assume that the Rolex has a higher resale value than the Tag – and this all comes down to the timeless appearance and branding of the Rolex.

    Tag changes their watch look frequently, whereas Rolex goes for similar designs, creating a timeless feel. This means people are more likely to buy a Rolex for long term use, as the Tag can quickly date. Tag Heuer watches become prestigious via their quality, reputation, and design, which is why they tend to cost more than other watches.

    About Tag Heuer
    Tag Heuer watches have been around since 1860. Started by Edouard Heuer, Tag Heuer is renowned throughout out the Swiss watch industry as being committed to a dual quest of excellence and performance.

    The bold and innovative spirit of this St-Imier founded company means that each watch produced is manufactured to the highest quality. Their unique selling point is that each of their Tag Heuer watches is tuned to make the highest precision measurements possible of infinitesimal fragments of time.

    Tag Heuer is also famed for its multitude of famous ambassadors. They choose their ambassadors with a focus on people that show a certain type of grit, determination, and self-possession - qualities that Tag Heuer holds dear to itself.

    The most recent ambassadors include Brad Pitt and Uma Thurman, but there are many other famous faces in their line up, including: Juan Pablo Montoya, Yao Ming, Maria Sharapova, Tiger Woods, and Ian Poulter. Not to mention such stars as Steve McQueen, Tanya Streeter, and Kimi Raikkonen.

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