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TechnoMarine Sold At WatchZone eWatches
Cruise 1 Model, $220.40 (Blue) 1 Model, $159.50 (Pink)
Diamond Ceramique 1 model, $1,706.25 (Pink)
Diva Dimitri - -
Diva Steel - -
Lady Chrono - -
Lady Chrono Ceramique - -
Lady Diamond - -
Lady Sport 1 Model, $171 -
Marvel - -
Millenium Ceramique - -
Polo Timer - -
Raft - 1 Model, $159.50
Squale 1 Model, $193.80 -
Square 5 Models, from $458.70 2 Models, from $288.75
Square Diamond - 1 Model, $1,569.75
Alpha Sport 3 Models, from $380 -
TMY 3 Models, from $342 -
Butterfly Pave 1 Model, $528.20 -
TMC 2 Models, from $312
XS Magnum 2 Models, from $680.20 -
Apnea - 4 Models, from $104.50
Hummer - 1 Mode, $1,470
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eWatches carry more lower range TechnoMarine watches and its price was the lowest for the Cruise, Diamond Ceramique and Square Diamond models as indicated in the table above. WatchZone best known for their lowest pricing among other swiss brands has the most limited range of Technomarine watches.

Technomarine Neo Classic Chronograph

Technomarine Neo Classic Chronograph Diamond Stainless Steel and Black Ceramic

Why Should You Buy Technomarine Watches?
Technomarine watches are designed to be noticed. There is no way around this. The design, the colors, the vibrant aura, all gather to supply a watch which almost has a sense of arrogance to it. The ladies market occupy a large section of their available models.

What is so interesting about the Technomarine watches is the fact that they sort of break the Swiss tradition for discretion and subtlety. Many see in them a “heresy”. Now don’t get me wrong, innovative design was always part of the Swiss watch making culture. It is the same culture though that promoted discretion. This is precisely where the Technomarine design breaks the line.

A Swiss watch with attitude, this is perhaps the best way to describe the Technomarine watches. Perhaps it is not arbitrary that this company has its most sales in the United States. Here it has become pretty much a symbol of the corporate wolf. The aggressive image it promotes fits like a glove on the spirit of the independent entrepreneur, willing to take over the world.

The aggressive and radical image of the Technomarine watches also means that its customers are not necessarily the connoisseurs that enjoy a luxury watch. Typically a person buying such a watch will feel almost an organic attraction and will see in it as a fortunate completion of his style.

The Technomarine watches are characterized though only by their radical design. The company has a dedication for quality and for the age old tradition of combining jewelry with watch making. Diamond bezels and precious metals are commonly used in a lot of models.

The accuracy of the watch is also beyond any flaw. This is perhaps one of the few areas where the manufacturer decided to not give way to compromise. These materials though are not exclusively used for Swiss watches though, they are more of a trademark for all the luxury watches.

Buying a Technomarine timepiece also means a great investment. There are many people out there that consider the price of the luxury watches… well… too high. What they seem to forget though is the fact that this sort of watch is a lifetime achievement and that it can literally last more than you do. This almost impossible to conceive quality is the trademark of any real, traditional Swiss watch.

Technomarine watches have gone one step further though and managed to achieve something that few other luxury watches had. Instant recognition of style. You may find 2 dollars Rolex replicas, but you will never find Technomarine replicas as they are very difficult to obtain. There are certain advantages of having a watch with a radical design and this is undoubtedly one of them.

By now you have of course wondered if such a watch is worth your money. To be honest I cannot give you any advice. This is the sort of watch that you either love or hate. One thing is for sure though, you can never ignore it.

TechnoMarine Sold At WatchZone eWatches
Shop At WatchZone eWatches

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