Tudor Chronograph Watch Collection

Tudor Chronograph Collection

Tudor Monte Carlo Chronograph

Tudor Monte Carlo Chronograph ref 7159 © Tudor

When it comes to Tudor for me, the Chronograph line is particularly appealing and well selling. While there are different individual styles of watches within the Chronograph line by Tudor watches, they carry price tags within the $2,000.00 to $3,500.00. (As pointed out, Tudor watches do sell for less than Rolex watches. However, there are some instances when vintage Tudor can be found for sale at prices higher than comparable Rolex models.)

When it comes to the Chronographs, they are technically reliable timepieces. Additionally, they are physically substantial watches. (In other words, they are big watches.) The come complete with multiple dials and various functions. If simplicity and understatement is your goal, Tudor Chronograph line will not suit your tastes. However, if you want a showy, eye catching watch, then something from the Chronograph line will meet your fancy.

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