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Consider Tudor watches if you are on the hunt for a nice looking watch, a substantial timepiece, but do not want to fork out the kind of money that it would take to make you a Rolex owner. Rolex actually manufactures Tudor watches. However, Tudor carry price tags that are far less awesome than can be found on their true Rolex brethren.

When it comes to the inner workings of Tudor, this brand actually does have a great deal in common with Rolex. For example, Tudor feature the identical Rolex modified movements that have made Rolex – and Tudor watches – generally known for their reliability through the years. See the image of Vintage Rolex Tudor Subseconds Watch below.

Vintage Rolex Tudor Subseconds Watch

Vintage Rolex Tudor Subseconds Watch © farfo.com

The line of Tudor timepieces first entered the market place early in the 20th century. At that time, the brand was very closely identified with Rolex, including carrying the Rolex crown on the watch face and coming packaged in the famous Rolex oyster casing. However, by the 1990s, a definitive decision was made to more clearly delineate the two lines or brands of watches with the goal of making Tudor market presence more substantial. If you like them new, you would have to visit their authorized dealers directly because Tudor watches are not sold online not unless you are looking for pre-owned Tudor which incidentally is widely sold on eBay Singapore, a very popular watch hub among watch collectors/sellers. The following are the latest range of Tudor watches we have reviewed if brand new is the way for you.

  • Tudor Chronograph Collection
  • Tudor Archeo Collection
  • Tudor Princess Hydronaut Collection

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