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Vacheron Constantin watches are the heirs to the oldest watchmaker in Geneva, Switzerland. The company was founded in 1755 by 24 year old Jean-Mark Vacheron, a visionary watchmaker who crafted fine and elegant timepieces for European gentry. In 1814, the grandson of the company’s founder took on a partner in Francois Constantin.

Another interesting historical notation associated with Vacheron Constantin is the fact that the company produced the single most expensive watch of all time. The Kallista bore an original selling price of over $5 million U.S. Should this granddaddy of all Vacheron Constantin watches (indeed, of all watches) go on the market today, it would sell for well over $10 million U.S. The Kallista by Vacheron Constantin is fashioned with over 130 carats of emerald cut diamonds, each diamond bearing its own GIA certificate.

Vacheron Costantin's Tour de l'Ile

Vacheron Costantin's Tour de l'Ile was designed in 2005 ©Vacheron Constantin. The collectible piece is also the most complicated double-face watch, and only produced in a limited edition of seven.

Presently, Vacheron Constantin produces about 20,000 watches annually, including its popular Overseas and Les Historiques lines. In addition to these popular watches, the company handcrafts a limited number of “ultra-complicated” timepieces each year – including Tourbillon watches and the Grand Mercator. Vacheron Costantin's Tour de l'Ile, see the image, is one of their finest creation of Tourbillon watches.

Historically and in this day and age, higher end watches have been known to be more bulky and large in their design. Vacheron Constantin, in most of their model lines, bear a sleek look and are appealing in their sense of slim styling. Vacheron Constantin watches compliment a person’s wardrobe and attire rather than dominate. Indeed, the manner in which Vacheron Constantin flatter a person’s overall look and style make these timepieces highly sought after in today’s fashion conscious world.

Many Vacheron Constantin watches have been designed with attention paid to the fact that many men and women in today’s world are sporting lively colors in their wardrobes. As a result, there are a number of different Vacheron Constantin watches that come complete with highly stylized, colored face pieces that will suit a wide array of individual tastes.

Of course, while prices vary depending on what accoutrements a person selects for a particular piece, Vacheron Constantin watches for women retail today between $800.00 at the very low end and several thousand dollars U.S. On the male side, a man can be outfitted with a fine one of a number of different watches for between $1,200.00 and $6,000.00 U.S., depending on the model and accessories selected by a given gentleman.

On balance, Vacheron Constantin have managed to bring together a nearly regal history with a unique flare for contemporary design. Vacheron Constantin watches do make a perfectly tailored and well suited addition to any contemporary accessory collection.

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